Modern Day And Old Hollywood Sex Symbols
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Modern Day And Old Hollywood Sex Symbols
my mate sent it to me cause she thought it was robert:) she still gets the two mixed up after seeing killing bono
He’s smirking cause’ he’s imagining that the bottle is Jessies ______. That is all.
Anonymous asked : You've a picture of Megan Fox. I hate her, shes so vain ahh!


I can see why people would hate her. She’s beautiful. Yes she got plastic surgery, but she’s become one of the most beautiful woman and ‘sexiest woman’ in the world. Sometimes that can get to peoples heads and they want a little few tints on their faces lol. I don’t think P/Surgery is right, but fame does bad things to people.

I don’t see Megan as vain. It’s not her fault shes beautiful and a ‘bad girl’, but thats what I love about her. She doesn’t give a f*** :) She doesn’t go around like Miley Cyrus, who’s only turned 18, shes a grown woman who was born to be a model, obviously. And all those camera shots in Transformers.. Well, someone has to do it. And to me it was just all about being confident not vain. She’s a beautiful, confident woman and deserves sucess in her life.

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