Modern Day And Old Hollywood Sex Symbols
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Modern Day And Old Hollywood Sex Symbols

"Bitch, Please"

Just after the kiss :D
I’m pretty sure it will be after. If the Chamber floods with water how the fuck would they get the fangs? lol
POTTERMORE; NEVER leaving my house again when it opens. 15th June, Wednesday (9:07pm) Reblog ↬

Just had a few people on my other blog message me about eating habits. I’m so surprised and upset that way too many people think eating 500 calories or less is healthy.. To the people loosing weight out there: Do it the HEALTHY way. Do NOT starve yourself - That will lead to bad things not good things. And remember, you are beautiful. 

12th June, Sunday (5:27pm) Reblog ↬

Correction. Michael Fassbendmeover.

So proud to be Irish today and having President Obama over! :D 
Incase your wondering he’s holding a hurl from the Irish sport hurling or for girls it’s called camogie. I’ve been playing since I was four so I wanted him to hold a hurl badly haha.
Ireland + America = Best Friends Forever! ;)

Can’t wait for Jane Eyre to be realeased in Europe!! What talented and beautiful people these two are, eh?
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