Modern Day And Old Hollywood Sex Symbols
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Modern Day And Old Hollywood Sex Symbols
Take That, Croke Park, FRONT ROW.


I fucking love them! Second time seeing them and they’re just the best live band going.

Great to have Robbie with them, he was awesome wowowow.

I still gots the biggest crush on Howard. lol.

18th June, Saturday (7:26pm) Reblog ↬

Even though Harry Potter is English, Americans are the only ones who can watch the last ever trailer for Harry Potter, for now anyways.

For fuck sake this drives me MAD. Harry = ENGLISH. lol.

Googling like crazy to find it ahh ..FML.

16th June, Thursday (7:10pm) Reblog ↬
XMen………IN THREE DAYS. We get it two days before the Americans cause Magneto and Professor X are Irish and Scottish…..MUHAHAHAHAHAHATE THAT 28th May, Saturday (9:47pm) Reblog ↬

This still makes me loooooool (:

My two fave gingers in one really and my two fave Harry’s..!
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