Modern Day And Old Hollywood Sex Symbols
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Modern Day And Old Hollywood Sex Symbols
The Date.

It will be in July or August.

Going to dinner in London or Dublin.

With my Uncle.

And his old childhood friend………MICHAEL FASSBENDER.


4th June, Saturday (9:47pm) Reblog ↬

When I meet Michael in a few weeks I’m going to ask him what they really got up to backstage.
godcalledinsicktoday asked : You're really lucky! Michael Fassbender is a really good actor!
Hope the dinner goes well =)

Thank you so much sweet heart <3

This is what I get for being Irish lol

Films are my whole life lol. I can’t wait to tell him all about the fansites, fanart etc :)

2nd June, Thursday (9:30pm) Reblog ↬
IRISH.100% IRISH…Birra’ American, English and German too. (Due too 4 messages about my nationality!!) 2nd June, Thursday (9:10pm) Reblog ↬
Anonymous asked : Are you really meeting Micheal Fassbender? Im so jealous :(

Michael * :P

Yes I am! I haven’t even told my friends yet cause I’m honestly so excited/happy/crying over it lol. He’s my uncles childhood friend and I only became interested in his stuff a few months ago and now I’m a hardcore fan.. Going to dinner with him and my Uncle.. I feel sick thinking about it. I keep thinking Ill rape the poor Kerryman! lol 

2nd June, Thursday (9:09pm) Reblog ↬

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