Modern Day And Old Hollywood Sex Symbols
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Modern Day And Old Hollywood Sex Symbols

The weird chick from Black Books! tapped that!
Roll on Game of Thrones on Sky Atlantic tonight! :D
.. It’s our HBO Channel in Ireland lol :)
MTV Movie Awards..Funniest thing ever.

Emma Watson was top of her game for once. Kristen Stewert = Bella Swan = Same Person!

Tom Felton.. Love him to bits and he’s a great Draco.. But he wasn’t in it that long? Mickey Rourke should have won..

And I swear to good God if Ron and Hermione don’t win Best Kiss next year… WORLD WAR THREE.

6th June, Monday (7:31am) Reblog ↬
This. .. Is .. Oh my God………..
This scene will be the happiest moment of my life lol
The Date.

It will be in July or August.

Going to dinner in London or Dublin.

With my Uncle.

And his old childhood friend………MICHAEL FASSBENDER.


4th June, Saturday (9:47pm) Reblog ↬

When I meet Michael in a few weeks I’m going to ask him what they really got up to backstage.
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