Modern Day And Old Hollywood Sex Symbols
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Modern Day And Old Hollywood Sex Symbols

Correction. Michael Fassbendmeover.

Fassy. You are the sexiest out of my Uncle’s childhood friends. No competition.

I was in Brown Thomas today getting new Mac make-up :) 
They still have the giant posters of her up .. <3

The weird chick from Black Books! tapped that!
MTV Movie Awards..Funniest thing ever.

Emma Watson was top of her game for once. Kristen Stewert = Bella Swan = Same Person!

Tom Felton.. Love him to bits and he’s a great Draco.. But he wasn’t in it that long? Mickey Rourke should have won..

And I swear to good God if Ron and Hermione don’t win Best Kiss next year… WORLD WAR THREE.

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This. .. Is .. Oh my God………..
This scene will be the happiest moment of my life lol
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